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About the International Arbitration Court

The International Arbitration Court (IACOURT) is one of the world's recognized arbitration organizations. IACOURT was created to resolve international commercial disputes, and the specifics of the regulation of arbitration proceedings ensure a high degree of enforcement of the decisions made.

IACOURT is an independent institution of the international judicial system providing dispute resolution services.

Alexander Sukharev, Chairman of the International Arbitration Court under interstate international organizations:
In our difficult times, the directions in the policy of states and companies can often change, negatively affecting established economic ties. The legitimate issue of settling disagreements between participants in international interaction is successfully resolved by arbitration.

The International Arbitration Court (IACOURT) works on the basis of UN agreements and exists outside of politics, created to support economic ties, making them more transparent for small and medium-sized businesses from different countries. Representatives of this particular business segment provide a good amount of taxes, are the economic basis for the development of their countries. Therefore, the role of IACORT is very important.

We believe that the main task of promoting effective international trade is the opening and operation of regional representative offices of IACOURT, since a structure with such powers not only solves emerging economic problems, but also accompanies international financial and trade transactions, providing maximum comfort for cooperation.

Statute of the Court

The main purpose of the Statute International Arbitration Court is to organize the composition and functioning of the Court.
STATUTE on the IAC National Bureau (en)
VERORDNUNG über die Arbeit des Internationalen Kollegiums (de)

Rules of Court

The Rules are intended to supplement the general rules set out in the Statute and to make detailed provision for the steps to be taken to comply with them.
AGREEMENT (on the development of arbitration proceedings between economic entities of members of integration associations) (en)

Practice Directions

Once adopted by the Court, amendments to the Practice Directions are posted on the Court’s website and published in the Court’s Yearbook, with a note of any temporal reservations relating to their applicability.
National Bureau Regulations (en)
Order (en)
Anordnung (de)
Verordnung (de)