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Basic Documents

The Court adopted its first Practice Directions for use by States appearing before it in October 2001. Practice Directions supplement, rather than alter, the Rules of Court. They reflect the Court’s ongoing review of its working methods. Once adopted by the Court, amendments to the Practice Directions are posted on the Court’s website and published in the Court’s Yearbook, with a note of any temporal reservations relating to their applicability.

The peculiarities of the proceedings in IACOURT are confidentiality and efficiency. An arbitral award can be enforced in more than 100 countries around the world (New York Convention 1958 ).
To refer a dispute to arbitration, the parties must enter into an arbitration agreement. A dispute in arbitration is considered in one instance, i.e. the arbitral award cannot be appealed on the merits. Hearings can be held either at IACOURT or outside the legal place of arbitration.

Available for download:
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
The Mauritian International Arbitration Act 2008 (2016)
P.R.I.M.E. Finance Arbitration Rules
Paris Arbitration Rules
IBA Rules for Investor-State Mediation
Available for download:

IACOURT Arbitration Rules
IACOURT Mediation/Conciliation Rules
IACOURT Founding Conventions and Internal Rules
IACOURT Trade Agreements
IACOURT Cost of services

Instruments referring to the IACOURT have been concluded between various combinations of international organizations, and private parties, and cover subject matter such as investment protection, environmental protection, international development cooperation, and the constitution and operation of international organizations.