International Arbitration Court at the inter-governmental international organizations

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International Arbitration Court (IACOURT), created to resolve international commercial disputes, provides arbitration and mediation assistance to Russian and foreign companies that have agreed on an alternative and out-of-court procedure for resolving their disputes.

The peculiarities of the proceedings in IACOURT are confidentiality and efficiency. An arbitral award can be enforced in more than 100 countries around the world (New York Convention 1958).
To refer a dispute to arbitration, the parties must enter into an arbitration agreement. A dispute in arbitration is considered in one instance, i.e. the arbitral award cannot be appealed on the merits. Hearings can be held either at IACOURT or outside the legal place of arbitration.

We provide services for the resolution of commercial disputes at the national and international level, including:



Terms of consideration

The speed of dispute resolution is one of the reasons why companies choose arbitration.

Arbitration formation

The parties are free to determine the number of arbitrators themselves, both in the arbitration agreement and later.

Reduced costs

The price of the dispute is determined based on the amount of the claim, counterclaim, or offset requirement.

On the website of the International Arbitration Court you will find the necessary documents and recommendations for drafting contracts, wording of clauses and regulations that will provide legal protection for business projects ... IACOURT specialists provide advice in case of conflict situations and other legal problems.